"Beta Dates and Awards"

16 Ara 2023
Tepkime puanı

Welcome to the World of Knight Beta Introduction;
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Beware, Awards May Make You Dizzy,
These rewards are valid for the beta period.

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Website : www.worldofknight.net
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Instagram : www.instagram.com/worldofknight_wok
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Facebook : www.facebook.com/WorldOfKnight.org
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Discord : discord.gg/worldofknight

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The awaited moment is slowly approaching!!!
"World Of Knight" will be available to you in beta for 1 week non-stop...
During the beta, you will be able to enter at any time and have fun in the game as you wish.
You can get your +8 armor and +1 jewelry from NPCs in Moradon town.


Membership Registration Date: 01 February 2024 Time: 22:00(GMT+3)
Download Link Estimated Sharing Date: 02 February at 13:00(GMT+3)

Our Beta Server will be online on 02 February 2023 at 21:00(GMT+3)


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General Information About Beta;

First of all, our server has the most up-to-date client among its competitors with its infrastructure.
You will feel this difference during the beta process!!!
Our game has completed its tests for a long time and has prepared ** for the beta process.
Short-term interruptions may occur in case of sudden interventions to negativities that may occur during the beta period.
The purpose of the beta is to prevent major errors that will be seen before the "Official".

You can write about any problems you have in the Beta via the Forum or Discord.


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Upgrade Rates Will Be Equal to Official.
You Can Get Power Up Store Items Like Trina & Karivdis For Free From PUS Section.


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Beta Rules;

1-Beta is kept the same as the official one so that you can test the drops, mines, gems and fragments.
2-Upgrade rates are kept the same as Official and can be turned on/off.
3-During the beta, the use of in-game items such as Undy Scroll, Bezoar, respawn sc, shrink ball can be turned off/on.

4-In order not to prevent the distribution of beta rewards;

-Job Change is Closed. If a Job Change is made when ** is opened for trial, ** will be exempt from rewards.
-Name Change is Free. Rewards will be awarded based on in-game ID on the deadline.
-If the account created during the reward distribution is detected to be logged in with more than one "IP", ** will be removed from the reward list.
-Aimless, breathless, etc. are prohibited on Battle Maps. Those who want to throw Vs will be able to contact the GMs and throw Vs with a limit within the knowledge of all players.
-If a process like NPT is detected, the account will be removed from the reward list.["Our Npt Blocking Topic."]
-Anything to be done outside the game flow during the NP Race process is prohibited.

These rules are set to ensure that the player who works hard wins within the framework of fairness.


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As ıt has been until now
From now on, we will not leave you without rewards during the beta period...
You can see the awards and follow the dates in the image below.
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World Of Knight Team | | Have a Good Time
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